One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

Our Scotch Collies at Heritage Hill Farm

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Contact me through Email to reserve a future puppy!

-only serious inquiries-


Brina: I am a teenager- and the owner of Emma’s and Eva’s farm collie litter of  Scotch collie pups of 2017. That is me with a few of the fantastic puppies from our last litter. It’s a good, match for smart, easygoing, country farm dogs who are true shepherds, not marauding  menaces.  They are bred for all-around competency in two or more of the following:  Herding, Guardian, and Hunting as well as Nurturer, Protecting, and Tracking. They try to read the farmer’s mind, and support his rules-the perfect farm dog.

(click on the puppy names to the right, or scroll down this page to their parents.)

Parents of Heritage Hill  Scotch Collies

Aiden, sire of the farm collie puppies, of Cartangel Farms, bred from show collie turned hard worker farm dog, Rockwood’s “Morning Star Mitzi” of Arkansas  and purebred English Shepherd “Cimarron Buccaneer” of  Elaine Reynold’s Cimarron English Shepherds of Oklahoma. Aiden is Registered as a Scotch Collie.

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Eva dam, bred to Aiden of Cartangel Farms.  Eva is out of Aiden, and Emma-descended from the best bloodlines in the nation, Butcher, and Cimarron. Eva is a registered Scotch Collie.021 (2) - Copy
Emma Dam, bred to Aiden of Cart Angel Acers. Emma is a Butcher English Shepherd out of Butcher’s BJ, and Cedar Creek’s Callie. Emma is dual Registered as a Scotch Collie, but is eligible for Es UKC registry.

Click on the individual PUPPY BLOG DIARY posts to the right to find a puppy that fits your life.

Brina:  While I am posting the new puppy pics, I will just post a few prominent traits for each.  When I am finished, I will update each puppy pic with the full observation diary I have kept, working over weeks with each.

Click on the page links to the left to get more background stories and pics on the PARENTS, the Farmcollie type and English Shepherd Breed, and find resources for training this uniquely thinking, independently acting dog.


40 comments on “Our Scotch Collies at Heritage Hill Farm

  1. Tamara Paterson

    I am Tamara, the one who wants Diego. I have sent a few emails and not gotten any responses. I was worried you hadn’t gotten them. I was planning on trying to get him Monday. Could you email me directions?

  2. Dana Caton

    We are interested in buying a Farm Collie puppy. We had contacted you a few weeks ago about Adam but was advised at the time that all the puppies were sold and that a new litter would be available in a few weeks. Can you advise any about the new litter and when they may be available and how much they will be selling for. Also would it be possible to come meet the Fram Collies as we are interested in a puppy for a working farm and protection of a household with a small child and are trying to learn as much as possible about these amazing dogs.

    Thank you


    Nice dogs. Do you have any left for sale?

  4. Brina

    Thank you, everyone who we met in person or via the net, who showed interest in the dogs, the breeds, the farm collie type. It is so worth ‘bringing back’! Our pups are gone to working homes. We hope the best for them. If you would like a dog like this, google the American working farm collie association. They keep links and lists of possiblities.

  5. When will you be having another litter? My past pup was a farm collie and i miss her so. ready for a new pup soon! contact me via fb theresa molchen garcia, we’ve got lots in common! 🙂

  6. bud rear

    i live around grovespring mo. was wondering when you might have more puppies for sale again. tks,
    . bud

  7. bud rear

    when will you be having another liter of english shepard pups

  8. Richard Elias

    My farm collie ( Nellie) just passed I miss her. I can’t replace her but I’d love the breed and wuold like to purchase one of your dog now or in the next.litter. Please e-mail me as to what to do I,m retired now and will give the puppie home with plenty of love

  9. Michelle

    I too was wondering if you are going to be having any more puppies in the near future. I have been looking for this type of breed for quite a while now!


  10. Tali Brinkerhoff

    Hey folks, this is Tali, Brina’s older sister. I’m sorry that the site has been neglected, we have lost the password. However, a new litter of puppies has been born yesterday morning from my dog Emma. Updates will come as soon as we can get them up here or elsewhere. 😉

    • bud rear

      Tali i think you live in Mt. grove i live in grove springs i would like to look next time you have a litter please. Bud 417 224 5166 thanks alot

  11. brina

    hello, I’m making a post on the puppies, you can look at my blog to see the latest pictures of the puppies. here is my blog

    • Michelle Chisholm

      I am very interested in one of your puppies. Will you be posting here when they are ready to go or is there another website?

      Thanks, Michelle

  12. Michelle Chisholm

    Do you still have any of the pups for sale?

  13. Heritage Hill Farm

    If you are interested in a puppy or need information on where you can learn more, please post your email or contact information, or email us with it. We need to be able to answer you back!

    • bud rear

      yes i would be interested in a puppy please call 417 224 5166

  14. Jill

    I would like to drive my parents up to see these puppies. They live in Hardy, ar. Are you going to be available today?

    Thank you,

  15. Rebecca Smith

    Please contact me via email or at 573-294-6023. We got Shadow from you and now would like to have Devon as well. Please contact ASAP so we can talk. LOVE Shadow

  16. Drew

    I’m interested in purchasing one of your puppies if you have any right now. Or maybe from a future litter. Also, how much $ are you asking for one. I’m not sure wich breed we like better.

  17. Kaleah Riordan

    Hello, My family and I are interested in a getting an enlish Shepherd puppy. I had one as a girl and we just loved him! We have 30 acres and are going to be getting animals and we want a good farm dog for our children and farm. Do you have any puppies or know anyone who does? We live in NW Arkansas. Thank you!

  18. Ann

    No unfortunately. I wish I had. I love your puppies but can’t have one at this time. We are low on money right now. Thank you-Ann

  19. BUD REAR

    i still have reba,she is a wonderful companion, very smart,loves being part of the farm. sorry i havn,tsent more pics. thanks for every thing i will send some pics when i get time bud

    • brinabrink

      I’m glad that she has worked well for you!

  20. Jason

    Ahaa, its nice discussion regarding this post here at this web site, I have read all that, so
    at this time me also commenting here.

  21. Nancy Cornwell-daves

    Where are you located?

    • brinabrink

      We are in Ozarks, of Mo.

  22. Katelyn McClellan

    Hi, my family is interested in button but was wondering about how big she might get. We had been thinking about shelties so could you maybe compare her to their size.

    • brinabrink

      Button is the smallest out of this litter, she is expected to grow to be 50lbs, a bit bigger than your average sheltie. Button loves kids, and attention. She is an excellent watch dog, alerting me if anything goes out of place. Button wants to have a job, she likes having a boss over her, she likes to ensure all the rules. Button loves to play with the cats, but is careful to not get on their grumpy side. Button is looking for a forever loving family home. She would love to join yours. If you have any further questions or would like to put Button on Hold please email me at

    • brinabrink

      Size difference doesn’t matter in getting a really good dog. If you are looking for a smart, loving, nurturing companion for your kids and a guardian angel who will protect and take care of your children and family, Button is your puppy! But if you are looking for a miniature, fluffy dog for your kids, than a sheltie might be for you.

  23. Sandra Cavender

    You have some beautiful dogs Brianna and when you have puppies I am interested in one I live in Arkansas while I grew up we raised what we called was farm collies. I would like to start raising them again,and I see some of that look in your dogs. Please keep me in mind when your babies are born Thank you Sandy.

    • brinabrink

      I’ll email you Sandra! Thanks for your interest in my dogs.

  24. UrbanCollieChick

    Hi I’m sorry but I just had someone point something out to me. Above it looks like Aiden and Eva are a father-daughter mating. Is this true?

    • brinabrink

      Correct, Aiden is Eva’s Sire.
      This is a inline breeding and the puppies will be fantastic, loving, working farm dogs!
      Thank you for inquiring Laura.


      how much for the puppies i would like another REBA

      • brinabrink

        Hello Bud,
        I’m glad to have you back for another puppy, I know you gave Reba a good life. I’ll do my best in placing a hard working little girl with you, though she won’t be quite the same, she’ll do her best to please you! The puppies have a $50 down payment and when you pick up your pup it’s $450, so in total $500. These dogs will save you $$$$$ through saving you time with herding, hunting, guarding livestock, their love, work, and devotion to you.

  25. Margarett

    How much?

    • brinabrink

      Hi Margaett,
      The puppies have a $50 down payment and when you pick up your pup it’s $450, so in total $500. These dogs will save you $$$$$ through saving you time with herding, hunting, guarding livestock, their love, work, and devotion to you.

  26. Jerry Wallace

    The reasons I need another farm dog. As an electrician my work was my art. THE ART WAS ME. I had a fall that caused a traumatic brain injury. Difficulty reasoning and concentrating made it hard to solve problems. I am easily overwhelmed if asked to make decisions that result in a nervousness out of proportion to any situation.

    I can’t control emotional symptoms, such as irritability, aggression, anxiety, depression, apathy, frequent mood changes, and excessive emotional reactions after the concussion. Happy one moment, sad the next and then angry. Frustration and dissatisfaction with the changes in my life brought on by the injury I felt isolated, depressed and misunderstood. I lost my independence. I lost my art. I was no longer me.

    We moved to a 12 acre farm where the work is hard and overwhelming but it gives me peace. When I suffered a heart failure, my wife brought home our dog Palei. She became my steadfast partner and constant companion with a healing process in multiple ways that only a devoted and intuitive dog could. The heartiness and versatility of a hard-working farm dog, able to cope with various situations and environments easily, sound in body and mind, and a faithful companion. She offered unconditional love, acceptance, with motivation and enormous amounts of emotional support. In October she died in my arms.

  27. Sandra Filipovic

    When will you have pups available?

  28. Caron Salkin

    Brina, where is Heritage Hill located? I am interested in a puppy, but not sure how far away you are. Thanks! Caron

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