One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

2013 Flicka – SOLD


“Natural herder. Loves to work, needs more to do. Talker, communicative, an alert farm manager who reports on every new going-on.  Has bonded well with Brina, who thinks she should bond equally well with you- She makes and excellent companion who comes when called and stops and turns on a dime when Brina reprimands her.

Flicka is frisky and playful, somewhat high-drive, needs a good, consistent boss, and is awesome with older children.

Bossy, one of the top ranking pups. Loves petting and lap attention.IMG_0001IMG_0015-001IMG_0229P1080805

At 6  weeks, brown with large white full ruff, short naturally bobbed tail.


This litter will be sold to
homes we select.

  • They each passed a full veterinarian fitness exam, (please keep us updated on future vet visits)  are wormed, on Frontline and have their first set of puppy shots.

  • They have the traits to eventually be registered with the American Working Farm Collie Association (AWFC) if so desired when the time comes.

  • THERE ARE NO “Pet quality only” dogs in this litter, but every one of them could make a great companion.

  • All pups have the potential (depending upon environment) to become fantastic family and farm companions, each with differing strengths in guardian, nurturing, guarding, herding or hunting characteristic

  • Despite being on our waiting/interested list, we may not have the dog for you, in this litter. If so, we can tell you who might.

  • We owe it to the pups to do our best to put them in the RIGHT homes, not the FIRST homes. Please be as honest and detailed as you can in describing your circumstances and need for a dog.

Click these links to see Farm Shepherd puppy, Flicka’s father, Farm Collie Aiden, and her mother Emma (Butcher’s D.J.).


About Heather Hatch

Six second version: Writer. Artist. Picture books. Family Reading Advocate. Seriously. Six minute version: Farmer's daughter with a knack for research and a giant appetite for pencils, books read/write/illustrate, and a passion for growing marriage as the only wife of a good man who shares her Mormon faith and heritage, and whom, for all 12 days of Christmas, has given her 1 homestead in the beautiful Ozark hills, one good farmdog, 6 creative home schooled children, a scythe, a bushwacking walking mower, and a milk cow, leash-trained sausage, 8 fresh laid duck eggs, an orchard to prune, a vegetable market garden to weed, and he still hopes that after watching movies with him, she blog, write and paint about it all. In one sentence. That says a lot about me. And it's true.

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