One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

2016 – Ace- Sold

Ace’s new name is Jack, he is off to Missouri. His new owners love him, and say that he fits right in. Jack will be trained to herd cattle, guard the farm, keep critters out, protect poultry, and be a loving companion to his new owners.

Word from the owner-

June 23, 2016-He was wonderful on the ride home.  Took him for a walk in the yard he pooped.  Brought him in the house he looked it over and loves it.   I took him back into the yard and he peed.    We turned on the tv news and he did not like the strange man and barked.   We convinced him it was ok. He is now right up against my leg keeping an eye on the strange people in the box.   He’s been very relaxed but already trying to keep Buddy where he think he belongs.  He is adorable.


July 1, 2016-I just wanted to,let you know how much I love this puppy. He is so adorable, He is so smart, loves to chew but otherwise he is so very well behaved.  He’s a blast!


Nov 16, 2016- He is a delight.  He goes out with Steve, when he is on the 4wheeler.  He follows right along with him.  He responds and returns to Steve, He does not chase cows. The issues we have with him are that he doesn’t like a leash, and he will try to nip when we try to trim his nails, we had to get a muzzle.  He is easy to train, and has a wonderful disposition. I love him dearly.


Ace is boss over his brothers and sisters, but when I’m around he waits for my command, or watches and then tries to copy me, as with herding the ducks. He has shown great interest with our calf, he thinks that the calf is a big interesting animal. He barks at the lawn mower when we mow past the puppy pen, he wants to make sure that everything is in it’s proper place.  Ace wants to be an only dog, and has a good desire to please, much like his father Aiden. Ace loves water!


IMG_2044 englishshepherdscothchcollieonegoodfarmdogoldfashionedcollieworkingdoghuntingherdingguarddoggentlefarmdogpuppy1

Week 4-

Visiting the ducks- I carried Ace out of the puppy pen, and over to the ducks, I set him down 4ft away from the ducks and he didn’t move, but he wasn’t scared he held his tail high and looked over the flock of ducks, it seemed as if he was counting them. I herded the ducks a few feet away as I moved so did Ace he wants to please me, and do it right. Now that he had “seen” what to do he needed no further help in moving the ducks around and around the barnyard, and when the drakes pecked at him he kept going and did not back down. he said “Come on ducks, giddy up! move it, I’m the boss now, I tell you what to do.” When I called he had minimal distraction coming to me. Picking him up from the ducks and while walking back to the puppy pen Ace kept licking me telling me “Oh, thank you Brina, that was Fun, when can I do it again?” Good Boy ACE!

IMG_2335 IMG_2342

Visiting the Calf-   We sat down 7ft away from the calf.  Ace walked a few feet towards the calf, his tail droopy, but his ears alert, he looked back at me as if to say “Uh, what I’m I supposed to do with this big brown thing?” without calling him he came back to me wit his tail up and sat down to observe the calf, I said “here watch me Ace.” I went over to Joey (the calf) and gave him a good rub down then I sat back down with Ace, I let him sniff my hands. Ace liked the smell and wanted to go sniff Joey himself so I moved closer to Joey with Ace. Ace didn’t see me herding this animal, but he saw me be gentle and soft to it, so Ace thought “oh, so it’s not for herding? well at least not now, for now we can be friends.” Ace sniffed joey and Joey didn’t mind Ace, I was at the ready if anything turned sour. Ace went under Joey and licked his feet then he rubbed like a cat on Joey’s legs. “Okay goof ball, this cow is for herding, but yes later. so for now it’s good you’re being his protector.” Ace will be a good guard dog, protector, and herder.

IMG_2351 IMG_2354 IMG_2355








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