One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

2016 – Dakota-Sold

English Shepherd Farm Collie puppy for sale.

Dakota is a very patient dog, he waits his turn for pets. If puppy challenges him he lets them know he wont take it. Dakota is quiet unless there is trouble then he speaks up. He is easily pleased, and wants to do his best for you. He loves to track, he sniffs out the mice and finds their holes in the chicken coop for me. Good boy! Dakota is expected to grow up to be around 65lbs, he has lovely perky ears like his Collie ancsestors and a natural bob tail from his English shepherd side. Excellent smarts,  and good at understanding the boss.

IMG_4472 IMG_4371 IMG_4367


Week 6-

Visiting the ducks-Dakota and I went in to the barn to get some grain and call in the ducks, as we aproached there was a funny quacking sound from inside the barn. I lifted the lid off the grain bin and 2 scared ducks flew out! this startled Dakota and I quite  bit. I spread grain for the ducks and we sat down to watch them for a awhile. I told Dakota “You need to herd these animals, even though 2 of them startled you, okay boy?” I showed him how to do it, and he followed. Dakota did a lot of observing the ducks, I like a good dog that can observe the lives stock and then-work it by following their patterns.  It was good for him to get over his fright, he shows his bravery, even though he was at first scared he could and would still work with me. “That’s my boy Dakota! Good dog.”IMG_3158 IMG_3159IMG_3174

Visiting the Calf- When we went to go see the calf it was hi nap time. Dakota and I sat down 5 feet away to observe the Calf. Dakota sniffed the air, cocked his head and stared at Joey. Joey woke up looked at us and fell back asleep, he didn’t mind Dakota at all, he rather liked Dakota, I’m not sure why. Dakota lay down to rest, but kept an eye on the calf to make sure he doesn’t get away. Every now and then Dakota got up and moved closer to Joey, and so did I to make sure there wasn’t any trouble. But all was good Joey and Dakota made friends! they sniffed each other and then fell asleep together. “Funny pup, Atta’ boy Dakota!”

IMG_3177 IMG_3181 IMG_3184

Pictures of Dakota-

at 19 weeks

IMG_4401 IMG_4442IMG_4452

at 12 weeks

IMG_0880IMG_3231 IMG_3675IMG_4142

At 9 weeks


At 4 weeks


At 3 weeks



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