One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

2016 – Jane-Sold


Jane is off to North Carolina! She will become the assistant manger to Shadow, a 5 year old English Shepherd, on a homestead farm of goats, rabbits, donkeys, chickens, and pigs. Jane will be a loving companion to her new master, and do her best to keep the home safe, and in order.

Word from the owner-

Aug 13, 2016- Here she is! My first ever puppy, and what an amazing dog she is at just 4 months old! She slept soundly the whole night and hasn’t had an accident in the house yet. She is doing great around the other animals too.  Thank you Brina! She is amazing! So smart and beautiful, she is really everything I hoped for and more. She is fitting right in. Thank you again for entrusting me with her!  I will probably change her name, but haven’t completely decided yet. Shadow is doing well with her, he is very accepting and submissive. I have a feeling that she will end up being the more dominant out of the two, but they complement each other well. She has been great with the other animals. She is a bit scared around the goats, but attentive and gentle. My goats can be very pushy so I thought she did well with them. So far she is great around the chickens and seems to really like Lancelot, my barn cat. She is taking a nap at my feet as I’m typing this.

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Aug 15, 2016-Jane is doing great and settling in well! I think her new name will be Lucy. She hasn’t had a single accident in the house and did great today while I was at work. I’m really quite impressed! She is very sweet and loving. I had my parents and a few friends visit the farm yesterday and she did well with everyone. I really couldn’t be happier!


Aug 21, 2016-I have to take a moment to brag about Lucy! It’s only been a week, but she has made herself at home so well that it feels like it’s already been much longer. She is 100% house trained, and today I even left her out of her crate when I was running errands without incident. She’s bossy, smart, extremely biddable and loves to work. A true blessing!

Aug 27, 2016- Spent some time with the goats this morning, and Lucy came along. She loves the girls and they respect her (she also “helps” me at milking time and has discovered that goat’s milk is delicious). I think she is going to be a great babysitter when kidding season comes.  Lucy is still doing amazing. As of this week I decided not to crate her during the day while I’m at work and she has been great! No accidents and she hasn’t chewed or gotten into anything that she isn’t supposed to. Honestly I’m quite impressed because I have some coworkers who have adult dogs that they don’t trust to leave outside of a crate when they’re gone. She has also done great around the chickens, cats, and goats. She seems to have a real natural way around the goats — she knows how to get them to move, but she also is content just to hang out around them. So far she hasn’t made any attempt to chase or play with them.

She is getting along great with Shadow, I think their energy levels are well matched. She is bossier than he is, but he can be sneaky in his own way. He has a habit of collecting her toys when she’s distracted or sleeping. When she wakes up, she will go to him and stare him down until he gets out of his bed so that she can get her toys back. This is a routine they have developed. It never gets old. Her only weakness so far is that she doesn’t seem to like the car very much, but I expect that will improve the more chances that she has to go somewhere fun. She maybe still associates it with being taken away from her family.
englishshepherdscothchcollieonegoodfarmdogoldfashionedcollieworkingdoghuntingherdingguarddoggentlefarmdogpuppysmartdog14englishshepherdscothchcollieonegoodfarmdogoldfashionedcollieworkingdoghuntingherdingguarddoggentlefarmdogpuppysmartdog11 englishshepherdscothchcollieonegoodfarmdogoldfashionedcollieworkingdoghuntingherdingguarddoggentlefarmdogpuppysmartdog12 englishshepherdscothchcollieonegoodfarmdogoldfashionedcollieworkingdoghuntingherdingguarddoggentlefarmdogpuppysmartdog10

Sept 2, 2016-I took Lucy to a public trail last Sunday and walked her around together with one of my friends and his dog. She is really good on a leash. I just took her to Petsmart yesterday and walked her around some more. She is even jumping in and out of the car by herself now, no more fear of the car. So happy with her. She is also playing with Shadow more now and starting to have more energy in general. He seems really happy to have another dog around.

She weighed in at 26.20 lbs on Monday (Shadow was 27.20 lbs).  Her fecals were clean and she was given a clear bill of health. They were all quite impressed with her personality and trainability. Whatever magic you are working with your puppies, keep it up!

Sept 3, 2016- Lucy, and Shadow resting indoors during a storm.

14232469_1195435443861420_572046305385872223_n 14559995_1233213450083619_7087182356682929810_o

Sept 22, 2016-Lucy weighed in at 29lbs today while she was at the vet for her booster shots. She is doing great and growing fast! They really get along great I was looking at Keeper on your website (because I think he is so pretty, if I had space for another he would be mine, lol!


Oct 3, 2016-I have been walking Lucy and Shadow along doggie trails and she gets a lot of love and attention from other people that we encounter. She has a way of stealing people’s hearts. I really feel blessed to have her and love watching her grow.


Nov 6, 2016-I went hiking with a friend today and finally got some good pictures of me with Lucy and Shadow, She is a total lap dog, despite her size. I also heard that my friend Kristen is taking Benji! They are a wonderful family and I’m sure that he will be a great match! It will be nice watching them both grow up together and maybe they will be able to visit each other in the near future!


Nov  17, 2016 – Lucy achieved her first good farm dog award today. Dark, my not-so-mini mini alpine buck, pulled out of his collar while I was trying to lead him over to the girls this evening. Lucy was right by my side as she always is, and started to lead the way. Dark followed. About halfway, she paused, and he stopped. I got the collar back on him at that point, and once he was secured, Lucy kept leading the way, buck in tow. If she had decided to play or chase, Dark would have been halfway down the street or in the woods. Somehow she knew that this wasn’t “normal” and did what she saw me doing– leading the goat. Lots of treats and cuddles for this cutie today!


Nov 27, 2016 – Lucy checking out all the new baby angora bunnies!

15171075_1293347457403551_8846869519993394535_n15439982_1317992311605732_1898434470725412239_n 15541918_1317992244939072_7530851334119548731_n

Jan 7, 2017 – Snowy morning! It was Lucy’s first time experiencing the white stuff. At first she hesitated to step foot in it, but a little coaxing persuaded her that it was safe. Three seconds later, she was playing in it like it’s her element.

15825960_1366185333453096_6080374005756381814_n 15894289_1366185143453115_8716034531845469950_n 15895285_1366185173453112_2093816519341808263_n 15940890_1366185340119762_2641578624726684208_n  15965374_1366185863453043_6291705320916385396_n15941239_1366185200119776_4992417887542475284_n

Feb 4, 2017 – These are Lucy’s first bottle babies and she is learning how to watch and clean up after them. I’ve been very happy with her behavior around them. She is all about being gentle and careful around kids of any species, humans included. Lucy is such a good girl around them and helps me clean up after them, but there is a lot of following them around with towels to clean up puddles.

16402882_1399451520126477_7702349651644815962_o 16462982_1399451926793103_9108569170884708037_o 16473636_1399450446793251_2222170481487332356_n

Feb 17, 2017 –  I woke up to a truck parked outside the house next door– not a bad thing by any means, although Lucy went into full guard dog mode and I had to reassure her that the people were allowed to be there. What I did not expect was to see the house completely gone by the time 4pm rolled around. What a beautiful view it left behind! Once all of the remaining junk from the house is cleaned up, this part of my property will be pasture for the donkey, pigs, and goats. The house was such an eyesore- I certainly won’t miss having to look at it every day! Good girl Lucy!

Jane is a good watch dog, she loves to follow me around, she’s a ‘want to be’ top dog. Seeing how she herds the ducks; laying low, and using a sheep dog stare,(which doesn’t work with ducks, so she rounded them up instead)         I think that Jane could be very good with goats, or sheep. She likes to tease the cats, but she is careful to not get on their bad side.

IMG_4470 IMG_4378IMG_4462

When she Barked at Joey our calf, I took Jane out of the puppy pen, and sat her down. I told Jane that this is my Cow, and she will have to settle down, immediately she stopped barking and sniffed the calf. Relaxed she came back to me and sat down. Good girl Jane! once given the order she does her best to obey, she is biddable and loves to please her master.

Week 4-

Herding ducks- Jane got right to work with me moving the ducks, every now and then she would pause and watch me to see if she was doing it right. She even tried to using a stare to move them, but since they were just ducks it didn’t work. Jane noticed her new method wasn’t working, so she followed me for awhile tracing my foot steps, and them I told her “Good girl Jane, keep at it, move those ducks.” When we were done she turned on a dime and came back to me. “Atta girl Jane!”

IMG_2568 IMG_2572

Pictures of Jane-

At 19 weeks

IMG_4060IMG_4365 IMG_4374IMG_4413 IMG_4434IMG_4441

At 12 weeks

IMG_3225 IMG_4036IMG_0895


at 9 weeks


At 5 weeks


IMG_2578 IMG_2571

At 4 weeks



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