One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

2016 – Katy- Sold

Katy’s new name is Kate and she is off to Utah, her new owners adore, and love her. She will be trained to keep deer off the yard, guard the home, warn her master of strangers, and be a loving companion.


Katy is mild, submissive, and a good nurturer. Though she does have a tough bit of fire in her, that will prove good use in guard/watch dog. she loves to track, and sit with me when I weed in the garden. She is a very patient dog, and easy going, she is nice to other dogs and would do well in a home with other dogs. She likes to be inside the house and loves to explore. Katy growls at things when they are in the wrong spot, knowing that they are unauthorized and better do what she tells them to.

IMG_2036 englishshepherdscothchcollieonegoodfarmdogoldfashionedcollieworkingdoghuntingherdingguarddoggentlefarmdogpuppy7

Week 4-

Herding Ducks- Katy had seen other puppies herd so when we got to the ducks she wasted no time in herding them, Katy moved them here, then there, and back again to me. she would pause and look at me to see if she was doing the right thing, and I’d say “Yes, good job,keep at it!” Katy is not afraid of the drakes that strike to peck her, she says “Let’s go ducks! this way, come on!” She was very pleased to have a job and some animals under her command. “Good girl Katy!”

IMG_2582 IMG_2585

Visiting the calf- Katy and I went into Joey’s pasture, I got his smell on my hands and let Katy sniff them. her little stump of a tail wiggled, she liked the smell I turned her around to see the where the smell came from, she looked at joey. Katy seemed to say “So, this is that big brown thing Jane told me about huh? well no use in waiting better get to work!” and then she ran for his legs, then his head, gave a few barks and then I caught her, (I didn’t want to take risks in discouraging her, but I didn’t need a grumpy calf.) and sat her down next to me again, this happened a few more times before Katy got frustrated and told me “I don’t get it Brina, you want me to herd the ducks but I can’t herd this thing?” I explained to Katy “now Katy joey would be for herding if you were older, but right now I want you to observe and watch him.” she gave a sigh and settled down. I praised her for obeying, and being biddable. “Good girl Katy!”








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