One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

2016 – Daisy-Sold

Daisy is off to Missouri and she will keep her name! Daisy is going to be a watchdog, farm hand and companion to her new family, giving them lots of love, and being gentle with the young kids, keeping an eye on the critters.
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Word from the owner –

We just love daisy! we are so grateful we found her! we have continued to work on sit, stay, come, down, and leave it. the only thing she has had a problem with is come. : ) she picks and chooses when she wants to come. and she found a gap in the fence and got out recently, so that was scary, but luckily she was just in the field across from our house. so we are trying to get a collar that buzzes a little if she gets out of a certain range. do you have any recommendations to make sure she doesn’t get too far? are there any other commands we should teach her? she is just so fun and gentle and loving. we love having her be part of our family! : ) hope you are well!

My reply–

Until she is solid on your come command I would suggest to keep a leash dragging on her at all times so you can quickly grab and give a pull with the command come. Don’t ever give in to chase her if she doesn’t come, Daisy might think it was a game of tag. I practice come on a really long leash with our dogs. Even though my dogs are adults they need a little reminder of who’s the boss and when I say come it means COME. Be firm with her, and give rewards of pets, love and attention more often then treats. With my first dog I made the mistake of giving her a treat every single time she did something I wanted, and pretty soon she wouldn’t be consistent with her obedience to me, then I figured it out that she “knew” If she wanted a treat she would obey, but if she was full at the moment she felt like she didn’t have to obey. To break this bad habit I only gave her a treat every 3rd time, then every 6th time, and I’d mix it up until I only used praise and the occasional treat when she obeyed. Keep up the good work!
Dec 30, 2016 – Daisy is such a pretty girl!

Jan 4, 2017 – Just a boy and his dog.Although I love our other dog, Bullet, one of my sons was super scared of her because she was very mouthy and hyper, But Daisy is gentle on the other hand, and I’m so glad he has had more of a connection with Daisy and isn’t scared of her at all!


Jan 9, 2017 – Daisy is one cool cat!


Jan 11, 2017 – Puppy love!

Jan 16, 2017 – This is today!
15976990_10103121085192229_8946153822464887434_nJan 19, 2017 –  We did walking and running intervals up and down the driveway, holding hands, jumping over puddles, and taking turns holding the leash for Daisy.


Feb 13, 2017 – We took the boys to a livestock auction. One of my sons bought a little pig, two rabbits, and some more baby chicks, all with his own money. they are a lot like their dad and love animals and working hard!

Feb 17, 2017 – Friends are over and Bonfire weather is up!
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Feb 28, 2017 – Enjoying a warm day.


Daisy is quick, she has a lot of energy, daisy is a watch dog, she barks to let me know if something is amiss. Daisy isn’t very trusting to new people.  She loves attention, she whines when I leave, and she is usually the one sitting at the fence waiting to greet me. Daisy does her best to please me, and she likes to tease the cats. She resembles her Farm Collie ancestors, with elegant looks, and a lovely long tail. Daisy is expected to grow up to be around 65lbs, she has a medium length coat, and perky ears.

6 months old and a wonderful farm helper!

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Due to a malfunction I have lost the pictures of Daisy herding ducks, and Visiting Joey.

Daisy with the Ducks-

Daisy had seen the other puppies round up the ducks and needed little encouragement to get started.  Swiftly sweeping around the back Daisy rounded up the ducks in a tight circle and then separated them in to two groups. “Alright Daisy that will do! Good girl. ” I call her back and she has one final round on the ducks to try to impress me before coming to me. Excellent smarts just like the old fashioned Collies.


Daisy with the Calf-

Daisy did not like Joey, she barked, and when I tried to calm her down and reassure her that Joey was alright she looked at me to say “What do you mean calm down? This creature could be dangerous.” I say  “Easy Daisy, he belongs here on this farm and so he should be an animal you get along with, okay?”  with a final bark Daisy sat down with me to watch Joey. After a while She lay down, Daisy still didn’t trust him so she kept one eye on him. With more work Daisy will recognize Joey as a Heritage hill farm resident, “Good dog Daisy1”

Pictures of Daisy-

At 19 weeks

IMG_4405 IMG_4395IMG_4440 IMG_4468IMG_4400IMG_4458IMG_4062IMG_4064

At 12 weeks


IMG_0873 IMG_4010

at 4 weeks


at 3 weeks





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