One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

About Brina, teen Rough Collie/ English Shepherd breeder

It’s me, Brina, owner of Eva. I love country life, and have dreamed about having a diversified productive farm of my own since I was two.  A good farm needs good dogs- dogs that understand the English language, and what you are thinking and what you want done. Dogs that figure out on their own, how to help you. Aide, Emma and Eva are like that. I love raising and nurturing animals. I have been the one completely responsible for my litter of pups.

Me, Brina, with Adam and Kevin. Diego in rear.
I love their mom, Eva, my dog best friend. We do everything together- chores, fishing, exploring, tracking and hunting.

This experience let me know how much I will love raising dogs when I am older. It takes lots of planning, and yes, it is expensive. We don’t breed often, so it is a limited chance to work with some great dog genetics.
Not able to see what is ahead for these puppies, I have just tried my very best to give each dog the best possible start and best possible life while they are with me.

Read here about my around the clock commitment to raising them – and get a great recipe for puppy formula!

HOW: These dogs will always be my babies. I will always wonder what happened to them, if they reached their potential, and how they are doing, good or otherwise.

WHO:  Tali, sister to Brina, owner of Emma, pure English Shepherd, grandma to Brina’s Eva pups

You can find out all about me, my dog Emma and out country adventures fishing, working, and living in the Ozarks at my blog , GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA 

If you run into questions or snags in dealing with these dogs (and you will- they don’t think like other dogs- that’s part of what is great about them, they figure out the best way to do a job based on what they’ve experienced, using reasoning, and what they’ve been trained to do. We don’t have all the perfect answers in dealing with dogs, but We know how to find out. And we know people who can help you. Drop us a email or a phone call!


Tali fishing with Eva, daughter of Tali’s English Shepherd, “Butcher’s Emma”.

If you end up with one of our puppies becoming one of your family, please let me know and keep in touch.


When our family moved to the Ozarks, we planned to get a milk cow, keep sheep, raise chickens for eggs, pigs for pork, and ducks for eggs and bug control. But the very first purchase, the most important animal on our list, had to be a very good dog, to help us manage and provide protection and chore support.

 Dalla bugs her parents, Eva and Aiden

We found the AWFC- American Working Farm Collie Association site online.  We loved reading about the English Shepherd/RoughCollie Mix, sometimes called an old fashioned farm collie, sometimes called a scotch collie.  A great combination of smarts and grace.

We were so lucky-blesssed- to find Aiden, our male black tricolor dog who looks like his graceful, elegant mother,  but also acts like the savy working English Shepherd dog his father was.

Once we had Aiden,we LOVED having him. We never wanted to be without a dog just like him, so we bought Emma, and thus, Eva, and now,  the puppies.

However, while it is wonderful to be a part of creating so many puppy personalities, it is also a heavy responsibility and stewardship. A wonderful part of my farm life is coming to a close. I hope you who get puppies who were part of this litter come to love the experience of being owned by a ‘Head of “Ranch Security” dog (read the kid chapterbooks- Hank the cow Dog 🙂


5 comments on “About Brina, teen Rough Collie/ English Shepherd breeder

  1. Theresa Lindquist

    We are currently in the St Louis area. My family has been in search of either a Collie or English Shepherd so it is exciting to see that you have this mix in your puppies! My questions are…is Adam still available and if so, how far from St Louis are you located? We live in Nebraska on an acreage and would be pleased to come home with a new member to our family!

    Thanks in advance for responding!

    Theresa Lindquist

  2. Debbie Deskins

    Please call me.. I am in search of an English shepherd. 336 354 2111. Any time up to 12 am. Thank you. Please call me.

  3. brina

    hello, I’m making a post on the puppies, you can look at my blog to see the latest pictures of the puppies. here is my blog

  4. Jana

    These are some of the best looking dogs I’ve ever seen!

  5. UrbanCollieChick

    Brina, I’ve come to be a fan of yours and your dreams, and your view on dogs and dog breeding. You don’t let the “purity” nonsense clutter your head. You care about genetics and I think you’re on the right track for a good, healthy, all around farm dog. And they look gorgeous to boot.

    You are way ahead of many people older than you, in my book. Keep doing what you are doing. If my circumstances were slightly different, I would be sending you a serious inquiry about your May 2017 pups. For now I’ll just have to stay friends with you, if that’s okay. 🙂

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