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EVA: Dam of 2012, and 2016 Litters

Eva is a registered Old time Scotch Collie visit her page @

Eva is my personal dog, when she was whelped I knew that was the dog for me. Eva could get out of any pen/cage she was put in, just so she could come with me into the house, or around the yard…(I taught her to get out and follow me, though if I tell her to stay, she Stays. ) Eva and I are inseparable. We’ve gotten into plenty of trouble when I was little, but Eva was always there to save me, and my siblings, from either a charging bull, or coyotes. I live on a small homestead country farm with the classic farm animals-chickens, ducks, sheep, cow, barn cats, and the occasional pig, complete with 4 working farm collies.

A working English Shepherd dog with a little show collie style



A good English Shepherd hybrid. Farm collie Eva of Heritage Hill Farm, from Cartangel Farm and Butcher’s BJ’s DJ Lines.


Stories of Eva-

One fine Summer day mom was going to town and she left me in charge of my 3 younger siblings. I knew just what I wanted to do for fun, our neighbor had just put up a new cattle corral and to a kid it looked like an new shiny jungle gym, I was itching to climb on it.

As soon as mom’s car disappeared  over the 3rd hill I turned to my siblings and told them my plan for adventure. We headed down an old logging trail which we called the bike trail. Eva my personal dog came with us. I didn’t ever go anywhere with out her. Riding my bike I sped ahead of everyone else and I saw that a few cows would have to be cleared out of the corral before we could play. I thought that I’d just go move them before the others caught up. Parking my bike at the open gate I jumped on the fence and hollered “He-ya!  Git!” and the 2 Angus mother cows with calves trotted out leaving a yearling murry gray bull.

Just by the looks of him I could tell something was odd. I had seen rabies in movies but didn’t expect to find it here. This bull was foaming at the mouth, his ears were droopy, his backside was caked with dung, and his eyes had a wild look, rolled up a bit. Yes I should’ve left the corral and got my siblings far away, but I was determined to climb on this new contraption, and I wasn’t sure that he was rabid. Eva and the others were just coming down the last hill, feeling that it was my job to get the bull out I ran forward waving my arms and shouting. Rolling his eyes the bull charged and I only just lept out of his way in time. The bull turned on a dime and came at me again, this time I scrambled up the tall corral gate shaking from shock and fear. I held tight as the bull smashed into the panel I was sitting on.  Glancing behind me I saw my siblings coming to my rescue “Stay back, he’s rabid! ” I screamed. At this moment Eva dashed in, driving the bull back. I was afraid she’d get hurt or even worse – Rabid!  I called to Eva giving her the command to leave the bull, but she was not going to back down, thankfully  Eva’s stubborn ES side came out and she wasn’t going to back down to leave me defenseless.

The bull flung himself at the metal bars crazed with rage. I jumped down on the other side and ran around to the opposite end opening a back gate wider so he could see his escape. But the bull didn’t care to go, he only seemed to want to crush me. As I moved away from the gate he tried to follow, but Eva stopped him. I told Eva to herd him out and into another pasture. And Eva did just that expertly, dodging the swinging head, and striking hooves. She drove him a good way off before returning. GOOD GIRL! I shut the gates to the corral and our scare was soon put aside and we began to play and climb. Though the next time I saw the neighbor’s come to feed their cattle I let them know of the rabid bull and I pointed him out, shortly after the bull was shot and disposed of. Brave, stubborn Eva had Saved my life, and my siblings! ❤



Living in an old farm house comes with it’s pros and cons, such as little unknown cracks where critters can get in, but I wouldn’t trade this lovely place I call home for any other. I’ve been barefoot most of my life, except when we went to town for church, or it was cold. There is a time in early spring when all the wild bugs and animals are moving about and coming back to life.

I was doing what mom called ‘spring cleaning’ in my downstairs bed room. I moved boxes, and sorted stuff to throw away. Eva was with me of course (as she always is) she was resting and keeping an eye on me waiting till I was done so we could do something fun. Well moving boxes, chairs, and stacks of books, (about farming and such) had disturbed a hibernating striped bark scorpion which was unknown to me. The scorpion did not like my spring cleaning and rushed out to attack and stop me from ruining his home. Eva jumped up, and snapped at the scorpion pushing me aside and out of the way. I saw what Eva was after and quickly (and carefully) trapped the mad scorpion under a cup. “GOOD DOG Eva!” I praised her for her quick actions that had saved me from being in excruciating pain.

(For those who don’t know The striped bark scorpion’s sting is not deadly, but it is painful and causes localized swelling, and muscle spasms, while more severe cases can cause abdominal cramping, chest tightness, flushing, lightheartedness, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath, and shock.)


I love my dog for everything she does! More stories will come as I write them up.


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