One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

If you buy a puppy, please read!

I borrowed  the paragraphs below from a wonderful breeder of English Shepherds.  Her words are true and important, and I thought they should be here on this site.

Buyers of our dogs must be responsible and willing to pay for shots and vaccinations such as rabies, in the dog’s future.

While we understand the position and the need for platforms like the Humane Society, These dogs can not be replaced by a dog at the shelter, no matter how cute or needy. They carry traits, dormant or expressed, that would be a solution to so many of the problems of the pet world. And they carry abilities that are nearly extinct and very necessary on the diverse stock farm, or small farm.

We believe in the right, and the necessity, of a farmer or landowner to have complete freedom and choice in the responsible breeding or neutering of his dogs to meet his needs.

Our dogs are farming dogs and need efficient room and positve daily human interaction for health and a happy life. They need a job to do- obstacle course running, animal care, 6 things like bringing in the paper, whatever. …This is necessary for a happy life.

People interested in Farm Collies, or any combo of English shepherd and Collie, must remember that however the dog turns out depends entirely upon them. It will take patience and consistence- but there is good material there, in all cases. We want to know if a dog does not work out, and why.

English Shepherds and the Farm Collie intentional crosses have a natural bossy or enforce the rules’ nature. All must be diciplined kindly but well, and trained to understand basic commands such as come, sit and stay.

We have learned a lot trying to be good dog owners,

and we have more to learn…we need to be even more responsible ourselves!  But I also believe that having stewardship for the earth and the creatures on it is one of life’s big joys.

So enjoy the learning process patiently,  together, and thanks again for loving a dog.

…….. TALI.



9 comments on “If you buy a puppy, please read!

  1. Heidi McNabb

    I am interested in purchasing a female pup. My Shara dog, lived 16 yrs and after 5 yrs since she passed, I am ready for a new family member.

  2. Henry Rauch

    Are you still selling puppies? We have milk goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and our stock dog past away after almost 15 yrs of service. A friend of our has one of your dogs and he loves it and recommended your site to us. I’m a soil Conservationist with the NRCS and get to work with alot of different farmers and learn the way the do things. So, i can improve my own farming operation. Please let me know, if you have anymore puppies or someone else, who might? Thank you
    Henry Rauch Miller Mo.

  3. bud rear

    i would like to buy one of your puppies i live north of mt. grove about 45 min. i farm about 240 acers so the dog will have plenty of room. iam retired and have plenty of time to train please call 417 224 5166 tks. bud

  4. brina

    hello, I’m making a post on the puppies, you can look at my blog to see the latest pictures of the puppies. here is my blog

    • Bud Rear

      I would like to know where you are located i would like to come by and look at the puppies if have not sold them all. thanks Bud

  5. brina

    we haven’t sold any yet, they are 3 weeks and 4 days old and we will start to sell them around 8 to 12 weeks old.

    • Henry Rauch

      Brina how do i put in my order for one of your puppies? My email is Thank you Henry Rauch

  6. Brina

    Hello the puppies are now up for sale! tell any one else who is interested in one of our pups.

  7. Richard Mahon

    Are you still breeding?
    Our much loved dog, Kalena, passed away about one year ago at 16 years old.
    She looked EXACTLY like Eva.
    We are ready for a new family member but are looking for a dog as similar to Kalena as possible, if possible. Thanks!

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