One Good Farmdog

…That's what owners of our old fashioned farm collie puppies say. We love the way our farm dogs think, work and nurture!

PUPPIES- Eva’s 2012 litter

Born on March 4, 2012

English Shepherd+ collie  puppies =farm collies bred on the farm to  Herd, Hunt, Guard, Protect, and Nurture.

Eva’s litter of 12 farm collie/English shepherd puppies, 4 male, 8 female. One week old

Our Puppies are from working farm collies, who grew up here  in our Missouri Ozark home. Their parents are working farm Rough Collies and America’s original farm dog, the rare English Shepherd, from farms just across the Arkansas and Oklahoma border.

(Read about them on the puppy parent pages to the left).


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Eva is a nurturing, tolerant little mother of her big brood

Brina weaned this litter early, to reduce stress upon Eva the mother, and she supplemented day and night, around the clock, with an excellent homemade puppy formula.den, Eva, and Emmma pages)

Some of Eva’s litter, ready to wean.


3 comments on “PUPPIES- Eva’s 2012 litter

  1. bud rear

    i think i might like to buy a puppy that will look like eva when will you have another litter

  2. Molly

    Hi! We would like to know more information about your puppies! We live in Neosho, Mo. And wanted to know where you were located? Also, when you will have your next litter or if you have a litter almost ready now? We really want a farm puppy collie to train and come live with our ducks and chickens. Thanks!

  3. brina

    hello, I’m making a post on the puppies, you can look at my blog to see the latest pictures of the puppies. here is my blog

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